Welcome! I'm so grateful you found me because I am on a mission to change lives.

Once I understood how the mind can control our lives based on what we have experienced from our past, including events and people, I knew I needed to begin sharing by speaking and coaching on a larger level.

How so, well I became a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner

and Master Mindset Coach. NLP focuses on a person's neurology, language,

and programming. Many people, including myself, are unaware of the impact

faced as adults through events that programmed us from our past. So if

you're ready, willing, and open minded about deep healing, let's have a

conversation to see if we are a fit.

Have you ever been to those workshops, seminars, read those self help books and still didn't take action? Ever wonder why you constantly repeat the same habits over and over again without realizing it? Tired of going in circles?

Many people are unaware of the patterns that revolve around old habits that present themselves through situations in life. Whether you're looking to level up areas of relationships, finance, love, career, or health, I have an answer for you.

I help you understand how to become "YOUR BEST SELF" by first sharing how you came to be who you are in life at this time.

I breakdown limiting beliefs and decisions that could be holding you back from living out your purpose in life. I will review how you process thoughts that lead to action.

What we will review in our coaching sessions:

1. Awareness

Awareness is key to understanding what problem or situation

continues to limit you and hold you back. Where does it stem from?

2. Understanding

Where or who the problem came from. A person, experience, or event

that occurred in your life.

3. Dissociation

To disconnect from the situation, person, or event that caused the

limiting decision or belief in the first place.

4. Reframe

Work on how to maneuver forward in your new space.


What you'll gain to take action and move forward:

1. A Plan: You need a clear plan of what you're trying to achieve.

Hoping it'll happen will not get you there. Gain vision and clarity

2. Intentional Actions: What steps are you going to take to get you there?

I will work with you to create these actions.

3. Accountability: For one month, I will follow up with

you once a week to check in and guide you to following through with

your plan and actions.

Are you ready to invest in yourself to reach

new heights?


Just a little about me, I was a single mom at the age of 17. I worked in corporate America for 17 years. I volunteered for the America Cancer Society for 2 years and worked there for 2 years. I was a volunteer ambassador for the Industrial Council Chamber of Commerce for 13 years. I jumped into entrepreneurship with one paycheck and drove Lyft and Uber for 3 years because I wanted to chase my dreams.

I created a women empowerment Facebook group out of depression back in 2017.

I established WEWLA (Women Empowering Women Living Authentically) and began hosting women empowerment summits and conferences.

Visit WEWLA.COM for more info.

In 2020, the pandemic set back my vision of building a nonprofit but in 2022, this vision is finally coming true. In 2022, WEWLA became an official non profit.

I also launched WEWLA Connects. A for-profit networking platform for business professionals looking to connect, collab, and build community.

We have added a CRM platform as well for busy online based service providers.

In 2022, I completed my NLP Training and am now a certified Master NLP Coach and Speaker.

To say I've done a lot is an understatement. I went through the ringer to get here and there is one thing I'll always remember throughout this whole process,


I am a Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner coaching and empowering both women and men by implementing modalities that help an individual reprogram their unconscious mind. My main area of focus is Timeline Therapy to help individuals understand their emotions and change the patterns of their past. Let's connect!


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